Connect 5000.

About Us

Connect 5000 is a global provider of B2B lead generation, business development reps, sales prospecting, and sales program development. Our unique managed service model provides your company with BDR-as-a-service. Since March 2010, we’ve helped many leading software, technology, and consulting companies boost sales revenue from 25 percent annually to more than 500 percent. BDR-as-a-service offers effective lead generation campaigns, sales prospecting strategies, and inside sales management.

Connect 5000 is your 360-degree lead expert — minus the romance. Inbound leads, SQLs, MQLs, etc., nurturing leads quickly and thoroughly. Pure cold outreach. Hybrid. Both.

Benefits of Engaging Connect 5000

» Deeper revenue pipelines
» Shorter sales cycles with executive decision makers
» More sales prospect meetings
» Boost top, middle, and bottom of sales funnel including revenue
» Rapid SDR team training


of salespeople won’t prospect.

The percentage of consultants who won’t prospect is even higher.

According to a study from Rain Today

6-8 attempts

to reach a decision-maker.
12-14 attempts to reach a C-level exec.

Sales reps average 1.7 attempts per lead.

According to a study from


of Tech buyers admit to short-listing a vendor after a well-timed and relevant phone call.

According to a study from Marketing Sherpa


of IT execs say an outbound call or email let to a vendor being evaluated.

75% attended an event or took an appointment as a result of a cold call or email.

According to a study from DiscoverOrg