Sales Program Development.

consulting boosts existing sales resources

Maybe your team wants a Connect 5000 Managed BDR service and the ability to boost an existing inside sales team performance. We work with product and service vendors on a short-term basis. This approach can cover strategy, outreach, messaging, positioning, and front-line tactics.

Connect 5000 develops a GTM plan custom fit to your product or service. Where prior efforts may have stalled, we change the process to ensure successful metrics. This includes visiting your team on location and analyzing your current sales prospecting system. Connect 5000 designs and develops your actionable plan to get results fast to:

  • Sharpen your value proposition via positioning and messaging (What problems do you solve exactly?)
  • Concisely define your target audience (If everyone is a target, no one’s a target.)
  • Rapidly determine sales decision maker personas, behavior, and intent
  • Script the pain, problems, and challenges your service or product solves
  • Execute a sale prospecting strategy with transparency and accountability

solid sales lead:close ratio?

Abundant leads are never enough. Getting first initial meeting and then moving quickly through the funnel to close is the goal. We help your teams develop and implement measurable, consistent sales process for leads to customer close.

Barriers we break through that often stand in the way of this simple process:

  • Nurturing prospect from start to finish (Are you asking the prospect to marry you after the first date?)
  • Getting subsequent meetings to close the customer
  • Follow-up emails, voicemails, and calls for prospects at various buying stages
  • Asking open-ended questions to further uncover pain to further the sales process (Dig into pain, problems, and challenges and remind prospects of it!)
  • CRM sales notes documentation (The dullest pen is mightier than the strongest memory.)
  • Time management (Management and accountability tools to ensure your team is keeping their sales pipeline full.)
  • It’s the metrics! Generate more proposals and improve close ratio

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