Success Stories.

Outstanding Sales Lead To Client Acquisition by Autodesk®

Vela Systems hired Connect 5000 to connect them with senior project executives with the top 400 largest construction firms nationwide. Read the full case study for more »

“Ray and his team at Connect 5000 uncovered great leads for us and were able to put my team in touch with some excellent opportunities. They did what they said they were going to do.”

Software Client Acquired By Commvault®

Hedvig had no sales development reps or inside sales team at all. Connect 5000 served as Hedvig’s inside sales team for several months until Commvault acquired the company.

“I worked with Ray Ruecker and his Connect 5000 team initially at Hedvig for over a year until we were acquired by Commvault. When I moved to Pliops, I reached out to Connect 5000 again and have been using their services and appreciate their help on generating leads.”

SD-WAN Technology Client Acquired by Oracle®

Connect 5000 functioned as the inside sales team for business development and lead generation efforts for Talari Networks for over 22 months before getting acquired by Oracle.

“Connect 5000 provided Talari with consistent, tangible results, filling the top of the funnel for our outside sales team and driving revenue for nearly two years until the firm’s acquisition by Oracle.”


An $8M software company in Torrance, California, targeted professional engineering and architecture firms worldwide. They primarily sold their software, support, and training with an inside sales team scattered across the country. They didn’t need Connect 5000’s help in setting up sales meetings with their sales team. The challenge was that they had too many leads per month. They received an average of 1,200 leads per month and couldn’t keep up. A great problem to have. The company was in the midst of moving offices which consumed the CEO’s time. He asked us to come aboard as the Acting Director of Sales. The sales team didn’t have any sales processes or systems in place to handle all these leads. For example, we posed as secret shopper and filled out their “Contact Us” form. We did this multiple times and it took 3 to 7 business days for reps to get back to us. That’s an eternity for an inbound lead.

When it comes to following up on inbound leads, sometimes you won’t reach the prospect on the first attempt. Connect 5000 put together a systematic plan to follow up on the leads with a variety of phone calls and emails. The reps didn’t have voicemail or talking points in place. They were simply winging it. The follow-up emails and days apart to attempt to reach the prospect were inconsistent across the board. A few months later, after some coaching and structure were put in place, every qualified inbound lead was responded to in less than a day. The sales team struggled internally with asking qualifying questions once they caught a prospect live. We put a talk track together to help the reps better qualify the leads and move them through the sales pipeline.


Later that fall, the company, which never had a million-dollar month in its history, had 2 consecutive million-dollar revenue months in a row. The next month, the company moved into its new offices with a systematic sales process and plan in place and continue to add additional revenue and employees.


A $3.2M background screening company in the greater Kansas City metro targeted churches, non-profits, and small to mid-sized companies nationwide. They primarily sold their service and support with an inside sales team and had tremendous success the past 5 years, averaging 24% growth, year over year. In the process, they landed a few $200,000/year clients. One of the realities of sales is that no client stays with you forever. Sales reps have to constantly fill their funnel with new prospects day in and day out. As you can guess, the company lost both large clients after a year and realized they needed the plan to go primarily after large companies that spend 5 to 6 figures a year in background checks. Their sales process was inconsistent and varied from each rep on how to penetrate large companies.


After putting some accountability, transparency, and an active outbound sales prospecting strategy in place consistently targeting mid-sized to enterprise companies, the company is in a solid position to land between $3.8M – $4.3M in revenue on a very conservative sales forecast for the future. Making the strategic choice to target larger companies instead of smaller companies multiplies revenue instead of simple addition.

Just a few of our clients.

  • AGSI
  • Aspect Software
  • Allegiant
  • BQE Software
  • Bulldog Solutions
  • Callidus Software
  • CPA Global
  • Digital Evolution Group
  • ECHO Technology
  • Epilogue Systems
  • eTera Consulting
  • Foghorn Consulting
  • Genpact
  • Glemser Technologies
  • Hedvig
  • Infinit Consulting
  • Latista
  • Lattice Engines
  • LightEdge Solutions
  • Mersoft
  • MindStream Analytics
  • Oracle
  • OxBlue
  • RiseSmart
  • Rise Vision
  • Sample6
  • Spur Group
  • Swiss Post Solutions
  • Talari/Oracle
  • Vela Systems
  • 4th Source