Connect 5000’s lead generation team makes well-timed, relevant calls and shifts the odds of closing the sale in your sales team’s favor. We have established solid relationships with high-level executives across the Fortune 5000. All of our reps are based here in the United States, not overseas like other firms. We specifically match your software product or technology service to interested, uniquely qualified IT buyers with the authority to buy.

Making connections, scheduling meetings, and building relationships are part of your sales team’s job. Yet doing so takes a great deal of time and represents the toughest and worst part of the job. Most companies are pretty good at selling to existing clients, but establishing an initial meeting with a senior executive decision-maker in a new account is very difficult.

The old adage of finding something nobody else likes to do and turning that into a business worked for us. Because what software and technology salespeople dislike doing more than anything else is chasing down cold or lukewarm leads and playing phone tag with everyone but the person they really need to speak to. Connect 5000 was established to do the dirty work of pinpointing and qualifying potential buyers for sales professionals with the end resulting in substantial sales revenue increases for their companies.

For some sales teams, they’re great at closing deals and turning prospects into clients but horrible at sales prospecting. For others, it simply may not be the best use of their time, especially if your team consists of senior sales reps with high base salaries.

If you’re currently down an inside sales rep or two, please consider using ours short term, until you find a permanent replacement.

Results after partnering with us: shortened sales cycles, increased sales pipelines, and multiplied revenue.

We Multiply Your Technology Sales Revenue in 3 Steps