Welcome to my VLOG!

Personal welcome, background and introduction from Ray Ruecker of Connect 5000.

This VLOG’s for you!

If you struggle with lead generation, prospecting, and getting to first base, this may be for you!

What are you truly up against in the sales world?

Obstacles, noise, and challenges with the current sales landscape and environment.

Are you sitting there waiting for the phone to ring?

In an ideal world, prospects and referrals come to you. You don’t live in an ideal world!

You can’t sell steaks to vegetarians!

3 successful target components for sales prospecting and business development.

4 Cost Effective Prospecting Tools

There are countless sales tools out there. Here are 4 that have stood the test of time.

The experts are wrong! The phone still works today!

Here are a few thoughts on using the phone and voicemail in today’s sales environment.

The art of email prospecting!

Tips, Tricks, Sequence and Cadence for email prospecting.

LinkedIn is the king for sales prospecting.

Here are some guidelines to consider for LinkedIn when sales prospecting.

Sales tools to add to your work belt.

Here are some sneaky tools to help you find prospects quickly!

An old school tactic that still works.

Here are some guidelines for sending sales letters via the post office.

Oh my gosh! My prospect answered!

Tips on how to communicate when a prospect answers his phone.

I have too many inbound leads!

2 statistics on how quickly you should follow up with inbound leads.

Nothing I seem to be doing business development wise is working!

Here are some non-traditional ways to get in the door of your dream prospect.

How do I hold myself accountable to make my calls?

What gets measured gets improved. Here’s a simple tool to help.

Surprise! I don’t have all the answers!

Here are some other inside sales / prospecting experts to follow.