1/4 Inch Hole or 1/4 Inch Drill?

I came across 2 articles this week on selling with features and benefits instead of outcomes and results.

They used the same exact illustration: “Each and every year, millions of 1⁄4-inch drill bits are sold, yet nobody buying any one of these 1⁄4-inch drill bits actually wants a 1⁄4-inch drill bit. Then, why do they buy them? Because they want a 1⁄4-inch hole!”

Source: http://www.burg.com/2011/09/effective-persuasion-and-that-all-important-14-inch-hole/

What does Lexus sell? The technical answer is cars and wheels.

The real answer: Status! Luxury! Prestige!

What does ADT sell? The technical answer is alarm systems.

The real answer: Peace of mind!

As you prospect for new business and set meetings with targeted executives, please keep this in mind.

What does Connect 5000 sell?

Answer: Shortened sales cycles. Multiplied revenue.

I’m Ray Ruecker with Connect 5000 and contact us if you need help determining what outcome and results your company truly provides.