3 Great Opening Questions on a Sales Call

I came across this recent blog post by Mike Weinberg who I follow on Twitter and read his book a few years ago.

Here it is:

Key takeaway: After you’ve gotten a meeting with a sales prospect and have exchanged pleasantries, ask this:

“I’m just curious, why did you invite us in to visit with you?”

THEN, shut your dang mouth and no matter how awkward and quiet it is, be patient and wait it out.

If the prospect says ” “You’re kidding, right? You’ve been beating down this door for a year — phone calls, voicemails, birthday cards, referrals. I finally relented just so you’d stop.” 

Your response should be something like ““Yup, it took some pretty serious effort to get you to agree to visit with me. But you still invited me in. So what’s going in your world that you decided it was worth your time to meet with me? And what would you like to get out of our conversation today?”

If that doesn’t work try these other 2 opening lines:

1. “Mr. Prospect, you’re a busy person and get contacted from people like me all the time. What prompted you to respond to us.”


2. Mr. Prospect, was there a compelling event that prompted you to respond to us?”

Hope this helps! I’m Ray Ruecker with Connect 5000.