4 Successful Email Prospecting Subject Lines That Get Opened

Before I make a sales prospecting call, I usually send the prospect an email first. Why? 2 main reasons:

1. Some people are more accessible electronically than by phone. (Smartphones, tablets, etc.)

2. A good excuse and context to reach someone via phone.

Kendra Lee had a great article that addressed this.

Here’s the link: http://www.eyesonsales.com/content/article/secrets_of_top_performing_email_subject_lines/

Here’s 4 things from her article to remember:

1. In prospecting, your goal is to get the first appointment. (Duh but true! How easily we forget!)

2. Make it personal. (Use their first name!)

3. Make it brief. (People have short attention spans!)

4. Make is suspenseful. (Arouse interest and curiosity!)

Here are 4 subject lines that we use at Connect 5000 to get prospects to raise their hands and get our emails opened:

1. Should we talk? (It’s vague and arouses curiosity.)

2. Should we meet? (See #1 in parentheses.)

3. Noticed your LinkedIn profile (Prospect, assuming they have a LinkedIn account, is curious and doesn’t know if its a recruiter, sales person, etc.)

4. “Referrals Name” suggested I reach out to you. (Namedropping, inside introduction and referral usually helps.)

There you have it! Does it work all the time? No! Nothing does!

I’m Ray Ruecker with Connect 5000 and we help technology and consulting companies generate meaningful introductions and profitable connections.