5 Words That Will Help You Successfully Set Sales Appointments While Prospecting

“Can you help me please?”

You may have been expecting some thing more complex and deeper, but I’m just a simple guy.

Most people like to help other human beings out. If you’re nice, polite, and professional.

Sometimes when you are trying to sell into a large company, it might not be obvious who the key decision maker is.

In “Selling to the C-Suite” by Nicholas Read, he mentioned that sometimes the decision maker is not the person with the highest formal title but an influencer with a lot of informal rank.

If you are having challenges determining who the key decision maker is, call into the CEO, CFO, or COO’s office. Chances are you’ll get their executive assistant.


Identify yourself like this: Hi! Ms. Executive Assistant, I’m Ray Ruecker with Connect 5000. Can you help me please?


Who reports to your CEO that’s responsible for _____?


Who’s the senior executive in charge of _____?

The executive assistant is very busy and wants to get you off the phone as soon as possible. That person will either respond in 2 ways:

1. Get lost! We don’t disclose that information.


2. You need to talk to _____.

There you go! Pretty straightforward! No need to complicate things!

Decision makers vary from company to company depending on the size. After some research and diligence, if you can’t figure out who the person is, pick up the phone, call into the C-Suite and simply ask.

I’m Ray Ruecker and if you or your company needs help getting into doors, please reach out to me!