Client Testimonial Versus Self Promoting

Obviously it’s important to sell yourself, your product or service, and your company when you’re in front of a prospective client.

It’s a fine line because you don’t want to come across a pushy salesperson but you want to be persuasive.

If I tell you how great my service is, I may come across as just another salesperson with an agenda.

BUT, if an existing client sings my praises, that’s another story.

Here’s a reference letter from  a client of ours at Connect 5000:


June 12, 2012

Reference Letter: Connect 5000

To Whom it May Concern,

I had the pleasure of working with Ray Ruecker, Patti Mbachu and Brett Copeland for the past
year at Connect 5000. Connect 5000 was hired to provide lead appointment generation.
Vela Systems decided to outsource this service versus building this function within my sales
organization. Ray was very accommodating and willing to modify his approach to meet my
needs. I was very impressed with Ray’s hand on approach, professionalism of his staff (Patti
and Brett), database contacts and expert knowledge of lead generation.

Connect 5000 was able to meet or exceed every performance metric we measured and they
provided weekly detailed activity reports. They were able to consistently overachieve the
number one goal of setting up qualified appointments. They are a first class organization and
I wish them continued success. Unfortunately, our relationship ended when Autodesk, Inc.
successfully acquired Vela Systems.

If I had to do it over again, I would immediately contact Ray and make it happen!

Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss my experiences with Connect 5000.


Gary Greenberger
Vice President of Sales
Vela Systems

I know I’m stating the obvious here but don’t sing your praises too often, let others do it for you instead!

I’m Ray Ruecker and my team at Connect 5000 helps technology and consulting companies with high average sales shorten their sales cycle and multiply revenue by generating sales appointments that are meaningful and profitable.