Did Your Prospect Disappear Down A Black Hole?

Sales Scenario:

You reach out to a prospect, engage and they ask for a proposal.

You follow back up with them and they disappear.

Multiple emails and voicemails go unreturned.

How can we minimize this?

I reread “Rules of the Hunt” by Michael Dalton Johnson this week.

Here’s his suggestion AFTER you submit a proposal to ask a prospect:

How much more time are you going to need to review this agreement and get back to me?

Don’t let them be wishy-washy. Get a commitment for an answer.

If this question kills the deal, don’t worry about it. It was never going anywhere in the first place!

Get a time frame and permission to follow up with them. Don’t leave it open-ended. Last but not least, make it as easy for them as possible to say “Yes” and “No”.

People don’t like to let others down and disappoint them. Tell them in advance its okay for them to say no.

I’m Ray Ruecker with Connect 5000! Have a good weekend!