Great Time Management Tool for Sales Prospecting

Happy Fall everyone!

It’s supposed to cool down here in KC starting tomorrow and I can’t wait.

I love fall, football, and the MLB playoff race. I’ve been a Kansas City Royal fan my whole life. They haven’t had a winning record since 2003.

This year, they finally had a winning record AND won a wildcard spot and made the playoffs. We shall see.

The next 4 months of the year typically are the most busiest for most companies out there.

One of my clients, a software company near Los Angeles, CA, gets 45% of their yearly revenue in the last 4 months of the year.

How about your company?

I’m a big fan of author Laura Vanderkam. I’m currently re-reading 2 of her books on my Nook:

168 Hours: You have more time than you think


All the Money in the World: What the happiest people know about getting and spending

You hear often from senior sales reps that they have no time to cold call or prospect or make sales calls. Is that accurate? Perhaps!

Here’s a link to a tool that will help keep you disciplined and honest how you spend your time:

If someone were to ask my advice on how to lose weight I’d give them 3 pieces of advice:

1. Eat less and more healthy.

2. Exercise and be active more.

3. Write down everything that goes into your mouth.

There’s something magical about the moment by moment awareness of our actions. When we have to write down everything that we eat if we are brutally honest, we think twice before we put that potato chip or cookie in our mouth.

If someone were to ask my advice on how to get out of debt, here’s my 3 pieces of advice:.

1. Spend less than you earn.

2. Make more money.

3. Write down every time you spend money on something. Doesn’t matter if it’s $1 for a soda at Sonic or for a flat screen tv.

Again, the moment by moment awareness causes us to think before we spend.

So if you struggle carving out time to prospect and reach out to potential clients, get ruthlessly honest and track how you spend your time at work. Again, here’s the link:

You may be surprised on how you spend your time but I guarantee that over time, you’ll make incremental improvements in how you spend your time.

I’m Ray Ruecker with Connect 5000. Remembering those who lost loved ones on September 11, 2001.