Inside Sales vs. Outside Sales: Is There Really A Difference?

September is nearing an end. October is coming around the corner.

The last quarter for most companies starts soon. For many companies, it’s their busiest time of the year.

One of my software clients gets 45% of their entire business between September and December.

Times have changed in sales. Traditional sales has been typically done face to face.

With the Internet and telephone, companies spend thousands and millions of dollars with each other and rarely meet in person.

Too many companies break out job descriptions as either “inside” or “outside” sales.

Is this necessary? I don’t think so!

If you have  a quota and are responsible for bringing in new clients, you are in sales. Period. It doesn’t matter if the business is conducted mainly by phone or in person. It doesn’t matter!

There’s no need to separate the two.

If you’re responsible for bringing in revenue and new clients, you are in sales. Enough said!

I’m Ray Ruecker with Connect 5000.