Post Election and Sales Prospecting

Finally! The 2012 Presidential Election is over and we can get back to normalcy.

I read an article by telephone sales guru, Art Sobzcak.

Here’s the link:

Key points verbatim:

“Yes, today, we are in an environment with a fragile economy, a tenuous situation internationally, and some real unknowns about our government. But I suggest you look at these variables like most ultra-successful people do: treat them like the weather.”

“The economy and government intervention is just like the weather: It exists. We live within it. Some people let it control them and bitch and whine about it, and blame it for their lack of happiness and success.”

“Past and future success stories are created when we refuse to let outside forces or influences drive our bus to happiness, success, and wealth.”

Here’s the brutal and harsh truth: Unless your phone is ringing off the hook, it doesn’t matter who is in office. You’ve got to reach out to prospects each day and keep your pipeline full. If you don’t you’ll eventually go out of business.

I’m Ray Ruecker with Connect 5000 and I approved this blog post.