Post Election Results

So to get straight to the point: I lost the election handily. I lost approximately 70% to 30%.

It was a fair race and as far as I know, my opponent kept it clean and professional and he ran a good race.

In fact, my neighbor brought me 3 pieces of direct mail she received from him in the last month of the campaign.

I’m glad I ran, it was a good experience, and I met some wonderful people.

With that being said, I’m retiring from politics with a perfect record of 0-1.

I knocked on about 30-40 doors while campaigning and realized while doing it, I didn’t like it and wasn’t energized or passionate about it. Ironically, I’m a high extrovert who really enjoys meeting new folks. Not in politics.

So I lost the sales contest but kept my values and character intact.

You can’t complain but sit on the sidelines. Politics is not for the faint of heart.

I’m Ray Ruecker with Connect 5000. Happy Thanksgiving!

PS: Photo by Depositphotos (<a href=””>Neon Concept of winner and loser Vector Illustration. Glowing neon sign –</a>)