Price vs. Time Saved: A Tale of Dry Cleaning

Greetings everyone!

I wear a lot of button up shirts to work. Shirts that go well with jeans, khaki pants , or black dress slacks.

I used to take my shirts to Hy-vee, a grocery store close to where I live, where I can drop them off and have them laundered and pressed and I can pick them up a few days later. $2.25 per shirt.

A while back as I was driving to the office I saw a Hangers Cleaners van so I visited to their website and called them up.

They will come to your home or office and pick up your laundry and deliver it a few days later.

Price per shirt: $2.50.

The difference between the 2 services = 25 cents. A quarter.

Why did I go with the more expensive option? Convenience!

I pay more per shirt but I don’t have to make 2 trips anymore. 1 to drop off my laundry. 1 to pick it up.

Is it worth the difference? Absolutely.

Moral of this blog: Prospects don’t always pick the cheapest option. They don’t just buy on price. They look at other factors like value, time saved, convenience, etc.

So when you are selling to companies, sell value!

I’m Ray Ruecker with Connect 5000!