Prospecting Targets: Ready, Fire, Aim?

In order to be successful at setting appointments via prospecting, cold calling, or sales calls, you must target well.

It doesn’t matter if you have the greatest steak recipe in the world, if you’re targeting vegetarians you probably won’t be too successful.

There are 3 main elements you must be able to articulate to prospect well:

1. Clearly identify your ideal target companies.

2. Clearly identify your ideal executives you want to get in front of.

3. Clearly articulate your value proposition (elevator speech) in 2 sentences or less. For example your solution helps companies increase revenue, cut costs, or decrease risks.

For example with Connect 5000:

1. Software, Technology and Consulting companies with high average sales.

2. The CEO, President, or Head of Sales.

3. We help technology and consulting companies increase their pipelines, shorten the sales cycle, and multiply revenue with well timed and relevant phone calls and sales emails.

Some companies struggle defining these 3 things.  Let us know if you need help.

Think end results, not features and benefits.

What does Lexus sell? If you said automobiles, you’re partially right. It’s the technically correct answer. What they really sell is status and luxury.

How about ADT? Yes, they sell alarm systems. What they really sell is peace of mind and security.

At Connect 5000, we sell essentially shorter sales cycles and multiplied revenue. How do we accomplish that. Maybe through emails. Maybe through phone calls.

If you can’t clearly identify and articulate your target company, target executive, or value proposition, you’ll struggle prospecting to set up sales appointments. Unless your phone is ringing off the hook, you need to supplement your sales cycle with outbound efforts.