A Recent Asking For a Discount Story

Good morning everyone!

Recently my credit card expired and the bank issued me a new one.

I have a few monthly company bills on the credit card where vendors bill me automatically.

I happened to open a monthly statement that looked higher than normal. They charged me a late fee of $20. I called them up and asked why. They said my credit card declined and assessed a fee. I gave them my new expiration date and decided to ask them to waive the late fee since they didn’t notify me that my credit card expired.

Would I have stopped using them if they said “no”? Of course not.

I figured I had nothing to lose.

The customer service rep waived my fee and billed my card for the appropriate amount.

Key takeaway:

1. It’s okay to tell customers no when they request a discount.

2. Too many buyers are trained to ask for  discount but aren’t necessarily price driven. They too figure they have nothing to lose.

3. Even if you tell them no to a discount, that doesn’t always mean they’ll take their business elsewhere. It’s a buyers market and people are taking advantage of this. Of course if the amount is higher than $20, that’s a completely different story.

I’m Ray Ruecker with Connect 5000. Hope you have a great week!