Sales tip of the day – Discounting

Our neighbors across the street got their driveway redone back in 2011. A few years later it still looks great.

We asked them for the company’s contact info and they gave it to us.

We called the concrete company and they gave us a bid. It was right in line with what we were expecting to pay.

The owner came over last Wednesday to finalize paperwork and get the work started.

Mind you this was a referral and we planned to go forward with the company.

At the end of our meeting, my wife asked for a  discount. The worst the owner would say is no, right?

Even if the owner said no, we planned to move forward on the project.

So the owner said yes to the discount and he left.

Moral of the story: some prospects will ask for a discount just to see what they can get from the company. You don’t have to say “Yes”.  We thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask and we got 3 figures off the total sale.

Just because a prospect asks for a discount doesn’t mean you have to give them one. There are several factors obviously that come into play.

I’m Ray Ruecker with Connect 5000 and happy Monday to you!