Silence and Sales Prospecting

This post is not about being quiet and listening to your prospect. Although it’s very important, I want to discuss another form of silence.

We live in a very noisy world. Experts say that we get bombarded with at least 3,000 messages per day, both professional and personal.

Martha Hanlon and Chris Williams wrote a great post on silence recently. Here’s the link:

Here’s the key point they wrote: “Here’s the other interesting thing that happens when you take 15-30 minutes each day to sit quietly—solutions arrive, new ideas percolate, the impossible path starts to show itself.”

If you are beating your head against the wall lacking success to sales prospecting, cold calling, or making sales calls, maybe you need to step away, unplug, be silent and PERHAPS some new ideas will appear.

Michael Hyatt wrote a great post as well. He gave some practical tips as well. Here’s his link:

Key quote from him word for word: “This is tremendously difficult in our media rich, always-on, over-communicated society. Noise crowds into every empty space, leaving us spiritually, mentally, and emotionally exhausted.”

Very true!

We all need to margin and stillness in our lives to be more successful in our lives and careers.

Stop and be still. Be silent and reflect and gain perspective.

Think of your past sales prospecting successes. Don’t just forget about it and run to the next hunt. When you pause and reflect a bit, it gives you proper perspective on many fronts.

I’m Ray Ruecker with Connect 5000 and I vow to be still and silent every day for at least 15 minutes.