So Long November, Hello December!

Hello everyone!

Ray Ruecker here with Connect 5000.

Happy belated Thanksgiving! I hope your holiday was wonderful!

Busy holiday week last week.

I was in Boston, MA to see a potential client on Monday and Tuesday. Then back to Kansas City to finish working and spend the holiday with my family.

A while back, I reached out to a CEO of a software company in Windham, MA. He happened to be a 2nd degree LinkedIn connection of a current client of mine.

I made 4 attempts over 4 weeks to connect before we finally spoke live.

We had a few conversations by phone and they have a need and business pain that my company can help fix.

I offered to come to visit with the CEO and his executive team and he obliged.

We met in person for a few hours to talk strategy, tactics and grabbed lunch. Productive meeting and they requested a formal proposal.

(I don’t hop on planes without having at least 1 quality conversation.)

The Sales VP contacted me this morning and are moving forward.

Long story short: The marketing department is generating plenty of inbound leads. No one is following up on them in a consistent manner. My team will assist in this area to determine what marketing campaigns are working and which ones aren’t.

I’m not advocating that you hop on a plane to see every prospect who is interested.

But as I said in previous posts, there is no substitute for face to face meetings if it makes sense.

No matter how much technology is out there, it boils down to personal relationships.

And that’s the latest news with Connect 5000.