Your Personal Story While Sales Prospecting

As many Americans have done so this week, I’ve watched the Republican National Convention on television off and on.

Disclosure: I’m a registered independent voter.

As I watched the speeches given by various politicians and speakers, I kind of ignored the political rhetoric and Rah-Rah parts that didn’t have too much of substance to say with specifics.

What I did like to hear was the personal stories behind the speakers and candidates. Obviously these politicians want to project a stellar appearance towards the public and I don’t blame them.

What I enjoyed hearing was personal stories and tidbits about their lives, previous jobs, family members, etc.

For example, I didn’t realize that Paul Ryan’s dad passed away when Paul was 16.

I knew Mitt Romney had a large family but didn’t know exactly how many sons or daughter he had until he gave his speech.

So share with your prospects. Maybe not on the first call. But as you engage with prospective clients, if you hear them ask you, “What’s your background?”, that’s a buying question.

They’re probably satisfied with your company, product or service, and price. Now they want to get to know you, the salesperson, as a person, minus the projected image you’ve given them.

Have an answer ready. It doesn’t need to be emotional vomit or a 10 minute speech, but give them a glimpse at your personal life.

For example, I tell prospects that I have construction software background or tell them I’m actually Asian with a white guy’s voice because I was adopted from Vietnam at the age of one.

In the age of technology and social media, people still buy from other people. Don’t be afraid to weave your personal story to your clients. We’re human beings after all, not human doings.

I’m Ray Ruecker with Connect 5000 and thank you for helping us shorten sales cycles and multiply revenue for companies nationwide.