2 Good Sales Questions To Ask For Inbound Leads

I’m currently consulting with a software company near Los Angeles, CA and acting as their Sales Vice President. They get an abundance of inbound leads and don’t have to cold call or prospect which is a good thing.

A very busy prospect:

1. Had problem

2. Stopped what they were doing

3. Visited this company’s website

4. Filled out form

5. Downloaded 30 day trial

(They came to them!)

Too often, sales reps when they get an inbound lead start telling and selling their company’s features and benefits instead of probing and asking questions FIRST.

Here’s an example of a good question to ask:

What prompted you to contact us?

If that doesn’t work, re-ask the question differently:

Was there a compelling event that caused you to contact us?

Don’t assume anything. Their reasons for contacting you and your reason on why they contacted you could be drastically different!

I’m Ray Ruecker with Connect 5000 and happy May to you!