3 Sales Prospecting Tips from the book “Soar Selling”

I’m currently reading “Soar Selling” by authors Marhnelle and David Hibbard.

I tend to read a lot of sales, business, and entrepreneurship books on my Barnes and Noble Nook since I’m an avid reader.

I pulled 3 examples from the book that you can use while sales prospecting over the telephone or face to face.

If you sell for a living, chances are you get objections.

Here are 3 quick objections and 3 potential responses to try to extend the conversation.

Will they work all the time? Does any sales method?

Objection #1: Prospect says they’re working with another company.

Response: “Mr. Prospect, when you say you are “working with” are you in a contract or formal agreement?”

Rationale: Surprise, they may be lying to you or simply in informal discussions with another provide. It doesn’t hurt to ask them to clarify what they mean.

Objection #2: Prospect says they are on a spending freeze right now so call them next year.

Response: “Mr. Prospect, when you say “right now” and “next year”, are you on a calendar year?”

Rationale: If they are on a fiscal year and not a calendar year, their year could be over in 30 days. Again, ask them to clarify!

Objection #3: Prospect simply says they are not interested.

Response: “Mr. Prospect, may I ask why you are not interested?”

Rationale: The worst the prospect will do is hang up on you. The best thing is they may clarify what they mean and you get another shot at extending the conversation.

I hope these tips help and you can utilize them on a regular basis.

I’m Ray Ruecker with Connect 5000.

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