Are you overqualifying your sales prospects?

When you proactively pick up the phone and reach out to prospects, the goal is to set up a meeting.

If you have done you’re homework, you should target companies that have money.

Obvious but sometimes we fail to forget this.

If they are the right company in the right revenue range, they have money. It’s a matter of do they want to spend it with you.

Do your homework beforehand to determine if they have revenue or not.

If they are the right company, contact the highest level of executive if possible.

I came across this article a while back:

Key points verbatim:

1. “Focus on finding the individuals who have the authority to make decisions on how to use funds. If the organization has the financial capacity to spend if they found something to be worthwhile, you must deal with the people who have the authority to allocate said funds.”

2. “People with authority to make decisions in their organizations find money all the time for things that were not on their radar screens during business planning time, and so they can capitalize on opportunities as they arise.”

3. “Focus initially on organizations and buyers that have the financial capacity or funds to buy from you. They may not have a budget, but they have the overall financial wherewithal to spend. Sell where the money is.”

So don’t ask if they have a budget or not. Focus on companies who have money and don’t shoot yourself in the foot. Plus you haven’t earned their trust and credibility on a prospecting call. Once you are fully engaged after a meaning conversation or two then ask the budget question.

I’m Ray Ruecker with Connect 5000 and happy Monday to you!