Muhammed Ali and Sales Prospecting

I came across this quote recently by the great boxer, Muhammed Ali:

‘”I hated every minute of training but I said to myself, suffer now so you can live the rest of your life as a champion.”

What’s this have to do with sales prospecting?

Pay the price now, enjoy sales success later.

Muhammed Ali spent countless hours training, practicing, and improving his boxing skills for 15 rounds in the boxing ring.

Hours upon hours versus 45 minutes in the ring. If it even lasted that long.

We live in a world of instant gratification. Sales success now! It doesn’t work that way.

I need to invest hours upon hours practicing my sales skills to become successful.

Which means make your sales calls daily, whether you feel like it or not.

We all like to network, get introductions and receive referrals. But if that business isn’t enough, you need to supplement all of that with proactive, outbound sales calls.

If you’re successful, you’ll probably only get 5 meetings for every 100 calls that you make. That’s a 95% fail rate. But 5 meetings can change your income if you can close a deal or two over time. Expect to close 1 in 5 deals over time in today’s economy.

So if you commit to 100 calls per week, which is 20 per day, that could mean 1 extra sale a week. Or 4 more per month. That’s 50 more sales per year.

Is making sales calls suffering? Perhaps! It can be emotionally draining and very time consuming. But necessary!

What if I’m 50% wrong? Would you be thrilled with 25 more sales per year? Probably so!

Pay the price now by being disciplined, focused, and consistent and proactively call on new prospects daily.

Live like a sales champ later!

I’m Ray Ruecker with Connect 5000.