Entrepreneurship and Giving Back

Greetings from Torrance, California!

I’ve either co-owned or owned a lead generation company since August 2006 and I love it!

There are days when it’s 3 steps forward and 10 steps back but it’s a process and journey.

I’m fortunate I’ve been always able to take a salary from Day 1. There are times when I haven’t taken a paycheck but it’s far and few times when I don’t.

There are countless people who have started companies who had to drain their entire retirement, savings, or max out credit cards.

My wife and I have been big believers in giving 10% of our income back to people in need. Some people would call this “tithing”.

So whether it’s our alumni, charities, church or whatever God has placed in our path, we try to help financially when possible.

I want to share 2 quick recipients with you.

1. We have friends who are a married couple that are adopting a little girl from China. Cost is $32,000. We were able to write a check for 3 figures for them to help defray the cost.

2. On a recent flight to LA, I sat next to a gal who was heading to Cambodia to do missions work there. She told me that she was passionate about missions work and shared that her parents were missionaries as well. I gave her my business card and asked her to email me and I’d help support her to help defray costs. She did and we met up briefly for lunch in Kansas City.

By the way, I was adopted from Vietnam in 1974 so I do have a personal heart for children to get adopted into homes.

So at times as small business owners, we get lost in the day to day demands of running our own firms and wearing multiple hats. It can be stressful and crazy at times. Too often we forget that part of the reason to run profitable companies is so we can give back to society.

Yes, I want to earn money to support my family, save for retirement and college funding and do the things I want to do. BUT, I at times forget the “WHY” behind owning my own company. I do want to help people at times when needs legitimately arrive.

Here are 2 small examples where I was able to help impact someone else.

So how about you? What causes are you passionate about? Are you giving back financially to society? If not, what’s stopping you? Why?

I’m Ray Ruecker with Connect 5000.