Holiday Gifts for Clients and Potential Prospects

Happy Monday Everyone!

As may or may not know, Connect 5000 is primarily an inside sales organization. I have clients I’ve never met in person before. It’s part of the way business is conducted in today’s economy and I’m okay with it.

For outside sales reps who meet with their clients or prospects face to face or in person, they can take these executives out to dinner, hit the golf course, or take them to an entertainment event.

Not so much for B2B sales reps.

So what I did this year was sent business books gift wrapped via Amazon to my targeted executives.

Hopefully the gift will come across as classy, helpful and useful.

I wrote “Happy Holidays” in case the person was Jewish or didn’t celebrate Christmas at all.

Maybe my competition is doing the same thing. Maybe not.

There’s something about getting a card, book or gift through the actual mail. Emails and text messages and other greetings electronically sent may not have the same personal affect and can be easily deleted.

I hope you find this sales tip helpful and know that business books can be sent to prospects throughout the whole year, not just in December.

I’m Ray Ruecker with Connect 5000! Happy Monday!