What I’m loving this month!

I subscribe to the magazine Fast Company and they periodically interview people and one of the categories is “What I’m Loving This Month” and the person shares whatever it is.

I’m an avid reader and have a Nook that I get a lot of reading done on at a cost effective rate.

Here are 3 books on failure that I’m currently reading:

“Bouncing Back” by Bill Bartmann

It’s an autobiography of an entrepreneur who went from high school drop out to billionaire.

“The Upside of Down” by Megan McArdle

Another book on failure.

“Failing Forward” by John Maxwell

Another book on failure.

You may be thinking this is morbid and depressing. Actually it’s not. As a small business owner and entrepreneur, we are going to experience more failures than successes and more “no’s” than “yes’s”.

I find these books motivational and inspiring and knowing that I’m not alone in my journey.

Check them out and read them if they interest you.

I’m Ray Ruecker with Connect 5000. Happy reading!