The Magic Question

I read this article on and came across this helpful little sales tool.

Verbatim from the article:

“True prospects will put you on their calendar for a next step. Information seekers will let (or make) you chase them down. Chris Lytle and I teach a technique called “The Magic Question.” The Magic Question to determine if you are working with a prospect or information seeker is: “Are you willing to work with me on a calendar basis?” Since they have never heard that question before, they are likely to give you an awkward look. You simply say, “You’re very busy, I’m very busy, rather than me trying to chase you down let’s schedule an appointment to have our next conversation.”

The amount of prospects you have on your calendar is the best indicator of your future success. Securing appointments is how you turn hope into success. Do you want to waste your time chasing down information seekers, or do you want to invest your time calling on true prospects? The Magic Question will help.”

I’m Ray Ruecker with Connect 5000. Hope this helps!