How to determine decision makers within companies

Happy Good Friday and Easter to you!

In my previous post on how to succeed at  getting solid sales appointments, I wrote about identifying your target niche audience and being as specific as possible.

For example,  at Connect 5000, our target market is software, technology, and consulting firms with large average sales and long sales cycles.  If a company’s average sale is at least $25,000 they’re in our sweet spot. Hopefully you can identify and articulate your company’s in 2 sentences or less. Being specific not only helps you, but potential prospects who approach you as well. Read more

Oil Changes and Selling Steak Recipes to Vegeterians

At 10:00 am this morning I took my Honda CRV in to get my usual oil change at The Import Shop.  It’s a locally owned car repair shop owned by a mom and son and as a small business owner, I prefer to spend my money at other small businesses rather than the dealership right down the road. They provide a great service at a fair rate and I’ve been a customer for well over 7 years. I asked Harriet today if they worked on other import cars or just Honda’s. She said just Honda’s. At one point named their company “The Honda Import Shop” but Honda’s legal department asked them to change their name in a nicely written letter. Read more