Your Personal Story While Sales Prospecting

As many Americans have done so this week, I’ve watched the Republican National Convention on television off and on.

Disclosure: I’m a registered independent voter.

As I watched the speeches given by various politicians and speakers, I kind of ignored the political rhetoric and Rah-Rah parts that didn’t have too much of substance to say with specifics. Read more

A Great Sales Prospecting Quote (Sorta!)

I downloaded Mark Cuban’s book “How to Win at the Sport of Business” on my Nook last night. Great and easy read so far.

As I’ve chatted with folks across the country, it seems the consensus is that a lot of people and companies are:

1. Cautiously spending

2. Waiting on the outcome of the 2012 Presidential Election

3. Agree that we are in a very skittish and unpredictable economy Read more

Outside Sales Vs. Inside Sales: What’s the difference?

In my mind, not much except that outside sales sounds more prestigious than it really is.

I read this article yesterday which I found interesting. Here’s the link: Read more

4 Successful Email Prospecting Subject Lines That Get Opened

Before I make a sales prospecting call, I usually send the prospect an email first. Why? 2 main reasons:

1. Some people are more accessible electronically than by phone. (Smartphones, tablets, etc.)

2. A good excuse and context to reach someone via phone. Read more

Are Your Salespeople Still Cold Calling? The Ugly Truth

I came across a great article that I DID NOT write but thought it was relevant and had a great message. Enjoy!

(I put in bold the really important parts for those of you who skim articles!)

Cold calling.  It sounds so…20th Century.

Some industries still break-in their salespeople by putting them on the phone and having them dial – more than one hundred times a day – and attempt to schedule appointments.  You still receive calls like this from new, and sometimes not so new salespeople selling insurance, investments, copiers, office supplies, commercial real estate and long distance phone services. Read more

Silence and Sales Prospecting

This post is not about being quiet and listening to your prospect. Although it’s very important, I want to discuss another form of silence.

We live in a very noisy world. Experts say that we get bombarded with at least 3,000 messages per day, both professional and personal. Read more