Book Review: The Pumpkin Plan

I finished Mike Michalowicz’s book, The Pumpkin Plan” on my Nook last night.

Brunt,  brash, sarcastic, a little profane at times but straight to the point.

If you own your own business or thinking about it, read this book. Read more

Should you ask a prospect, “How are you today?”

I recently read Kelley Robertson’s blog post titled “Stop Being So Darn Polite”.

Here’s the link:”

Key takeaway for me:

Don’t ask a prospect or an executive, “How are you today?”

Replace with some follow options: Read more

Renewing my driver’s license and sales prospecting

A while back I happened to look at my driver’s license and noticed it needed to be renewed soon.

So last Friday, I drove down very early to get my license renewed. I’ve heard the lines are notoriously long. So I left my house at 6:45 am and arrived at 6:49 am. There were already 4 cars there. It was cold, dark, and windy but bearable.

At 6:53 am, I got out of my car and walked to the main entrance door. First in line! Then everyone else did the same thing. The guy behind said he’d been there since 6:15 am. Geesh! Read more

Muhammed Ali and Sales Prospecting

I came across this quote recently by the great boxer, Muhammed Ali:

‘”I hated every minute of training but I said to myself, suffer now so you can live the rest of your life as a champion.”

What’s this have to do with sales prospecting?

Pay the price now, enjoy sales success later. Read more

Are you overqualifying your sales prospects?

When you proactively pick up the phone and reach out to prospects, the goal is to set up a meeting.

If you have done you’re homework, you should target companies that have money.

Obvious but sometimes we fail to forget this.

If they are the right company in the right revenue range, they have money. It’s a matter of do they want to spend it with you. Read more