Sales Blunder I Made: Naming My Competition!

I was engaged in discussions with a consulting in Seattle, WA about them using my services. They had 18 clients that they acquired through networking, referrals, and introductions. Their networked had been tapped out and they had to come up with an offensive sales and marketing plan to reach out to prospective clients who’ve never heard of this firm.

I had reached out to the CEO and we agreed to talk. We had a few discussions, I gave him a proposal, pricing was in line, and he gave him his verbal commitment. Read more

How Many Contact Attempts Before You Give Up?

Bad News:

According to Jill Konrath, founder of, in today’s business environment, you should expect to contact corporate decision makers at least eight to 10 times. If you’re trying to reach C-level executives, expect to make 12 to 14 contacts before you give up. (Source: Read more

Client Testimonial Versus Self Promoting

Obviously it’s important to sell yourself, your product or service, and your company when you’re in front of a prospective client.

It’s a fine line because you don’t want to come across a pushy salesperson but you want to be persuasive.

If I tell you how great my service is, I may come across as just another salesperson with an agenda.

BUT, if an existing client sings my praises, that’s another story. Read more

Pay Per Appointment or Flat Monthly Rate?

When companies inquire about our services, they sometimes ask if Connect 5000 gets compensated by the sales meeting or on a monthly retainer.

There’s a formidable competitor of mine out on the East Coast who charges by the appointment. I believe like $700 a meeting. There’s no upfront fees and they only get paid if it’s a “qualified” meeting. Read more

First Meeting: Face to Face or Teleconference?

Happy 4th of July to you!

Can you believe how fast the 1st half of 2012 came and left?

I met with a VP of Sales of a large health benefits organization here in town this week.

She and I discussed whether the first sales meeting should be face to face or by phone. She wanted to target the state of Iowa which can be a 3 hour drive. She’s had success both ways and wanted my opinion. Read more