Should You Prospect During the Holidays?

There’s an old story on the Internet that’s been retold over and over again.


“A man answers a classified advertisement offering an “almost new” Porsche for the ridiculously low price of $50 and finds that the woman really is selling the car so cheaply, because her husband ran off with a younger woman and asked her to sell the car and send him the money.”

Whether it’s true or not is irrelevant.

My personal commute to work is 1.2 miles each way. 2.4 miles total. I currently drive a Honda CRV with low miles in proportion to how old it is.

I can go 2 weeks without filling up. Am I in the market for a brand new BMW X5? No! If I came across one for $1,000, would I? Read more

Post Election and Sales Prospecting

Finally! The 2012 Presidential Election is over and we can get back to normalcy.

I read an article by telephone sales guru, Art Sobzcak.

Here’s the link: Read more