Did Your Prospect Disappear Down A Black Hole?

Sales Scenario:

You reach out to a prospect, engage and they ask for a proposal.

You follow back up with them and they disappear.

Multiple emails and voicemails go unreturned.

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Scary, Yet Interesting Sales Statistic

I just finished Tina Forsyth’s book, “The Entrepreneur’s Trap” lat night on my Barnes and Noble “Nook”.

Short and quick read but good valuable information inside the book about how to put processes and systems in place so that the company doesn’t depend on the owner to keep going.

The less the company relies on the owner, the more valuable the company is.

Tina referenced a sales statistic that I knew intellectually but still moved by it emotionally:

These statistics were taken verbatim from the book “Conquer the Chaos“.

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Another Reminder To Keep Your Sales Pipeline Full!

Happy June to you!

I have a technology client that does $20M in revenue.

A press release went out recently that a $3B company expressed a non-binding intent to acquire my client.

Happens all the time.

Connect 5000 will probably lose this client once the merger becomes official. Read more

Priceless: Seeing Your Clients In Person!

On Sunday, I flew from Kansas City to Los Angeles International airport and saw a client of mine in person.

We’ve partnered together since January of 2013.

Sunday night, the CEO of the company and his wife picked me up and we grabbed dinner on the Pier in Redondo Beach. We had a nice, relaxing, and unrushed dinner. I heard first hand how the CEO and his wife built the company from scratch and today they have over 100 employees. I shared with him how I’ve slowly but surely built my firm. Read more

Sales tip of the day – Discounting

Our neighbors across the street got their driveway redone back in 2011. A few years later it still looks great.

We asked them for the company’s contact info and they gave it to us.

We called the concrete company and they gave us a bid. It was right in line with what we were expecting to pay.

The owner came over last Wednesday to finalize paperwork and get the work started. Read more