Sales Book Review: New Sales. Simplified.

Happy almost Labor Day!

My daughter was a flower girl in my wife’s cousin’s wedding recently. So my wife, daughter, and her parents flew out to LA to make it to the rehearsal in time. I flew out Friday evening to join them. I ordered Mike Weiberg’s book “New Sales. Simplifed.” on Amazon and took it on the plane with me.

Quick and easy read.

2 points that stood out for me personally: Read more

1/4 Inch Hole or 1/4 Inch Drill?

I came across 2 articles this week on selling with features and benefits instead of outcomes and results.

They used the same exact illustration: “Each and every year, millions of 1⁄4-inch drill bits are sold, yet nobody buying any one of these 1⁄4-inch drill bits actually wants a 1⁄4-inch drill bit. Then, why do they buy them? Because they want a 1⁄4-inch hole!” Read more