A Magic Email For When a Prospect Doesn’t Return Your Calls

Happy New Year everyone!

I have been reading Chris Lytle’s book “The Accidental Sales Manager” this month and it’s a great read.

I came across this email he uses after repeated attempts of getting a hold of a prospect. Here it is verbatim:

Subject: Quick Question


I still have you on my ‘waiting for’ list of people I’m expecting to hear from. Am I still on your radar?


Short, sweet and to the point. I love it!

I had been trying to reach a Sales VP for quite some time and had left multiple emails. I used this “magic email” and got a response on Thursday. Was it favorable? No because the Sales VP is switching jobs. Effective? Yes! I can move this company out of my pipeline and move on to other deals.

Will this work every time? Does anything?

I’m Ray Ruecker with Connect 5000 and hope your 2014 is going well!

Fancy Title – No Authority or Influence

Hi everyone!

At Connect 5000, we use Salesforce.com as our CRM. I’ve been going through the CRM and have been purging executives no longer at their prospective company, companies who’ve gotten acquired or who are no longer in business, etc.

It’s interesting how many people I’ve eliminated from Salesforce.com.

I came across this company who I reached out to a while back. I called the VP of Business Development and we chatted several times and eventually he said our service was not a priority. I assumed incorrectly that he had authority and influence to make decisions. Read more

Price vs. Time Saved: A Tale of Dry Cleaning

Greetings everyone!

I wear a lot of button up shirts to work. Shirts that go well with jeans, khaki pants , or black dress slacks.

I used to take my shirts to Hy-vee, a grocery store close to where I live, where I can drop them off and have them laundered and pressed and I can pick them up a few days later. $2.25 per shirt.

A while back as I was driving to the office I saw a Hangers Cleaners van so I visited to their website and called them up.

They will come to your home or office and pick up your laundry and deliver it a few days later.

Price per shirt: $2.50.

The difference between the 2 services = 25 cents. A quarter.

Why did I go with the more expensive option? Convenience!

I pay more per shirt but I don’t have to make 2 trips anymore. 1 to drop off my laundry. 1 to pick it up.

Is it worth the difference? Absolutely.

Moral of this blog: Prospects don’t always pick the cheapest option. They don’t just buy on price. They look at other factors like value, time saved, convenience, etc.

So when you are selling to companies, sell value!

I’m Ray Ruecker with Connect 5000!

10 Creative Subject Lines That Get Your Sales Emails Opened

Using sales and marketing emails is one tool we use to engage and open dialogue with potential prospects for both Connect 5000 and our clients.

The telephone is another.

I’ve had several people ask me what the subject line should be for emails.

Below are several that I’ve used as well as others have used to get me to open their email.

The criteria should be short, sweet, and arouses curiosity to open the email.

Again, I didn’t not come up with all these on my own: Read more

Update up your CRM while sales prospecting

A few years ago I did an email blast of executives in my Salesforce.com CRM. I wasn’t targeting low level executives but CEO’s, Presidents and Vice Presidents of Sales and Marketing.

I got a bounce back rate of between 19-22%! The data put in my CRM was probably less than 3 years ago at the time.

People change jobs, people quit or retire, or people get terminated from their position.

There’s no reason to keep bad data in your CRM if that person is longer there. Read more