Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone!

Hello everyone!

It’s Memorial Day Weekend pretty soon and I’m sure a lot of you have already checked out mentally and physically for the upcoming 3 day weekend.

I’ll be going on vacation to Hawaii from Sunday to Sunday.

I’ve either co-owned or owned my own firm since August 2006 and this will be probably be the first extended vacation I’ve taken since then. I’ve gone away on 3 or 4 day weekends but not this long.

It may be hard to disconnect and get my mind off work. Read more

2 Good Sales Questions To Ask For Inbound Leads

I’m currently consulting with a software company near Los Angeles, CA and acting as their Sales Vice President. They get an abundance of inbound leads and don’t have to cold call or prospect which is a good thing.

A very busy prospect:

1. Had problem

2. Stopped what they were doing

3. Visited this company’s website

4. Filled out form

5. Downloaded 30 day trial

(They came to them!) Read more

3 Sales Prospecting Tips from the book “Soar Selling”

I’m currently reading “Soar Selling” by authors Marhnelle and David Hibbard.

I tend to read a lot of sales, business, and entrepreneurship books on my Barnes and Noble Nook since I’m an avid reader.

I pulled 3 examples from the book that you can use while sales prospecting over the telephone or face to face.

If you sell for a living, chances are you get objections.

Here are 3 quick objections and 3 potential responses to try to extend the conversation.

Will they work all the time? Does any sales method? Read more

Sales Prospecting vs. Inbound Leads

Happy May to you!

I know I’m stating the obvious here but I’d rather have a warm, inbound lead over having to make a cold call or prospecting call.

I’m currently consulting with a software company in California on their lead generation strategy. They asked me to be a “secret shopper” and fill out an online form and see how long it takes to get a callback.

I filled out the form on January 3rd but didn’t get a response from a sales rep until January 10th.

7 days later!

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